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We are very sad to report that there is a young man going door to door in the Las Vegas area representing himself as part of Kassidy's Army. We would NEVER go door to door asking for donations, please call the police or email us at See official fundraisers below!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

December 8, 2011

Christmas is around the corner and it's been so hard getting in the Christmas mood this year.  We have nothing up, and usually by this time our house is completely decorated, lights are up and most shopping done.  So we decided to take part in Las Vegas Great Santa run/walk this year.  This fun run/walk is held the first Saturday of every December and it's held to try to break the World Record for the most Santas in one place.  I guess Ireland always beat us, but we wanted to help the Opportunity Village cause and bring in some Christmas spirit into our lives.  Nothing better than getting you in the Christmas mood than being around thousands of santas and happy people.
The gang at the Las Vegas Great Santa Run

We've had a pretty good last week since Kassidy's hemoglobin was a bit higher last Wednesday and she had been feeling better.  The day of the walk it was freezing so Kass decided to wear Ryan's big thick bulky Santa suit, it looked so cute on her and it kept her warm.  We met up with the Phillips, Heinz, Lopez family and our friend Paula and walked the mile walk. It took us a bit, but we all had a great time.  It definitely brought some joy into our lives.  What a fun event!

Kass was so tired after the walk.

On Tuesday, Kass called me from the nurses office and said she was not feeling well, she felt nauseous and the nurse said she looked flushed.  She didn't want to come home since later she had a bowling match and if she came home she could not participate.  My goodness this kid is stubborn!  She's just like her dad.  SHHHHH!!! So I told the nurse to please let her rest and sleep for awhile and to call me to see how she felt in an hour.  After 45 minutes she said she felt much better and her nausea had passed and went back to finish her day of school.  She's my tough fighter!  Her strength is amazing.

This week we have also had pretty good hemoglobin reading so we hope these drops levels of hemoglobins are issues of the past.  Hoping!  Starting next week I will only need to draw Kassidy's blood twice a week instead of three times a week.  We are happy about that.  I think it will help her hemoglobin levels as well.  The clinic has added iron supplements and vitamin C to help her body absorb iron better.  These seem to be helping some, plus I am cooking iron rich foods like crazy.

Today she stayed home because she had a little bit of a headache.  NO!!!!!! This always scares us  because it can be swelling of the brain from breakdown of the tumor.  But my gut tells me she's just fighting a little bug.  It is going around at school.  We are very fortunate that thus far she's been pretty healthy.  She's had bowling three times this week and after every match she comes homes and passes out, so I believe she does need some rest as well.  I didn't mind spending the whole day with her.  Most of our morning was spent cuddling in my big bed.  I'd say it was a great way to spend mother's day.  Today is mother's day in Panama.  Happy Mother's Day to all my paisan friends and family!

I do ask a favor to please keep two boys in your prayers as well.

Gage is a boy we met in Houston at the Burzynski clinic, he started treatment at the same time as Kass. Gage is 8 years old and has been fighting since he was 2 years old.   His tumor from his spine has disappeared, but he's had more tumor growth in his brain and the doctors are baffled because his labs are showing tumor breakdown.  Gage needs your prayers to guide his parents and doctors on what the next step is for Gage.  This sweet boy has had a long battle and I believe it's his turn for a miracle.

Gage's blog:

Also, around Halloween time I got a call from a frantic mother asking what kind of treatment Kassidy was on.  This boy Jaxon is 10 years old and from here in Las Vegas and in February they found a brain tumor and he had surgery, chemo and radiation and again the tumor was back.  I could feel his mother's anguish, that feeling of despair we've felt before when we first found our the devastating news about Kassidy.  I shared all my knowledge with her and she said that it was funny how the Burzynski Clinic kept coming to mind and that she knew that that's where she needed to take Jaxon.  Well, they started treatment last Monday, but another MRI & Pet Scan were done when they arrived and tumor has grown again since his surgery this November 3rd.  That's a little over a month!  Please, this boy not only needs your prayers, but your monetary help.  His parents are devastated and they need a healing miracle as well.

Jaxon's website:

Jaxon's facebook page:

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