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Thursday, January 19, 2012

January 19, 2011

MRI OF THE BRAIN AND CERVICAL SPINE - (01/17/12 compared with 11/16/11)
The follow-up study again shows multifocal enhancing lesions in the brainstem, mainly involving the medulla, as well as the upper cervical spinal cord, representing the patient's known neoplasm.  These lesions appear unchanged in size as well as intensity of enhancement when compared with the previous study.  There is stable, mild mass effect on the fourth ventricle.  No new abnormal enhancement or signal is present.  There is a stable, mild hyperintensity signal in the cerebellar region bilaterally.  It is not associated with any abnormal enhancement.  No midline shift is present.  Ventricles are unremarkable.  No hydrocephalus is identified.  The rest of the brain parenchyma does not show any abnormal enhancement or signal.
The rest of the cervical spine does not show any abnormal signal.
The following measurements are expressed in centimeters:
1)  Medulla, anterior                       1.7 x 0.8 = 1.36
2)  Medulla, posterior                     2.7 x 0.8 = 2.16
3)  Cervical spine                           4.0 x 1.0 = 4.0
                                                                         7.52 (unchanged since previous)
                                                                                 (20% decrease since baseline)
1)  There are stable, multifocal enhancing lesions in the lower brainstem and upper cervical spinal cord.
2)  No new lesion is identified.

In normal people terms: Tumor is stable!

Yes, this is good news, but I am so impatient.

Today, I was reminded by Dr. Burzynski & Dr. Acelar that we were not expected to see any reduction in the tumor for at least 4 to 6 months; as we were told in the beginning. Kassidy's tumor is slow growing it will take a longer time for the tumor to respond to the antineoplaston treatment.  Her labs are showing signs of breakdown which is great and that the tumor could be breaking down from the inside out and that's why we cannot see it just yet.  Dr. B feels that Kassidy is responding well and that we just need to have patience.

Ugh, patience a virtue I need to work on.

I was truly hoping to hear the word "reduction".  It's just so hard to see reduction, reduction, stable, stable.  I just want this tumor gone forever.  I want Kassidy to get her life back.  I cannot lie, but my disappointment was just too much yesterday.  Thank goodness for an amazing husband that comes to my rescue.  This journey without him, I don't think I could bear alone.  He reminded me also about what Dr B had said at the beginning. Patience Massiel!!!  Deep breaths....

Kass took the news great, this eased my disillusion.  She was ok with the results.  Ah this kid is my hero.  God gave me an amazing, strong, young lady.  She teaches me everyday what it is to be persevere.

Yesterday was also another demonstration that we are not in control, God is.  Thank you for the reminder, heavenly father.  I sometimes forget in my state of hysteria.

So we continue treatments and everything else that comes with it.  We just know that we have a kid that goes to school, participates in sports, drives; living life and on her road to recovery.  We wouldn't want it any other way.

Thank you all for your prayers!

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Lisa said...

Stable is great news! Kassidy has been on my mind these past few days. I watched the movie on Dr B. Had I seen it last summer, we would have gone to see him. I've always known about the "risk" of finding a cure for cancer. It makes you want to get a job at the FDA just to get the inside scoop on why they tried to get rid of Dr. B.
I believe you are exactly where you should be. Its hard to go against "main stream medicine", but the way I see it...if main stream medicine was prescribing this treatment-EVERYONE would be comfortable with making the decision to not take "chemo". Kassidy isn't the only strong one in this family! You all are!