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Monday, April 16, 2012

April 16, 2012

Well, today was the dreaded MRI day!!!  Yes, this day has always been so hard on all of us, but always extra hard on Kassidy.  This morning she got her morning dose just like always, but after 11:30am she could not have a dose of antineoplaston till after the MRI.  I tried to prepare myself mentally the day before to watch Kassidy suffer thru the rest of the morning and while in the tube of the MRI machine.  Last MRI was such a nightmare and the worst she's ever felt.  But to an amazing surprise she felt great all day!!! :) :) :)  Can you believe it??  Kass was even suprised.  This has not happened since she started treatment last July!

When we got to Steinberg, we couldn't help to be silly.  We joked about everything.  She tried to hide from me in the main waiting room, we changed the channel of the master tv in the MRI waiting room when the nurse stepped out for a minute (HA!) , and we even joked about the questionnaire we have to fill out everytime we go in.  My heart literally was jumping for joy.  I was so excited to see the change that I could almost not contend my happiness.  I thank God for the amazing gift today!!!

We are not sure what is different or why the change, but deep in our minds we hope it's a great sign for things to come.  We are hoping that the news are stable or reduction.  We have noticed quite a change in Kassidy in the last 2 weeks and half; for the better.  Yeah, yeah, yeah!!!

She thoroughly enjoyed her Spring Break.  She got to help out at the Spring Jamboree Softball Tournament her team hosted at Majestic Park, sit and watch ALL the games her team played in the tournament, and even had a great Easter.
Kassidy's Bunny Lala inspecting her Easter basket that the Easter Bunny left her.

Our baby girl leading the pack of Centennial Softball girls!

This week also I'm happy to report that she is only on 1/2 mg of decadron morning and night and by God's grace she will be weaned and completely off by next Monday!!!  This is big for Kass!

The only disappointment we've had since I last blogged, was last Friday when someone broke into Kass's car and stole so many of her belongings.  She was devastated and felt so violated, but again we know that it its just "stuff" and "stuff" can be replaced.  That day we were all so angry, but by the next day it just seemed like such a small thing to worry about when there is far more important things to worry about in this world.  Plus, we truly believe in karma and that person will get it's own.

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