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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

April 17, 2012

Tumor is STABLE!!!!!

We are glad, but antsy to know if the tumor is even active anymore.  We have decided we have to go to Houston for a pet scan.  Our local oncologist has suggested we go somewhere else since Vegas pet scan are a bit outdated and quite expensive, $3,500 here in Vegas and in Houston only $1,400 and newer equipment.  A pet scan will allow us to find what parts of the tumor have died if any and what parts are active; something that a MRI cannot show.

After explaining to Kassidy that her tumor was stable this time she asked if we could find out, and to tell you the truth, we as well are curious.  This tumor could be dying and we just don't know.  Her body might not absorb the dead tumor and just leave like scarring that can show on a MRI as tumor like.

We also would like to meet with Dr. Burzynski and hear his plan for Kassidy and ask his opinion, we respect it and he knows what is best.  So we will keep you posted on when we decide to leave and go meet with him.  I am just glad our little girl has been feeling really well lately!!!!!!!

Keep the prayers coming!!!

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JenniferLynn said...

Awesome news! Hope everything goes well in Houston.