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Saturday, May 26, 2012

May 26, 2012

We are finally home from the ER!!!  Exhausted once again.

This morning Kass woke up again with extreme nausea to the point that she was so upset.  She had had it!!!  Her frustration broke my heart.  We want it to make it all better.  She has not been feeling well since Tuesday.  She really hasn't even had a chance to celebrate her good news. :(

She has been so nauseous that she hasn't really eaten since Tueday and throws up when she does eat.  She's lost almost 8 pounds.  It's been so hard to know what she needs.  We decided not to change her dose on ANP thinking it was her medicine, but that wasn't it.  We also hydrated by giving her bags of fluids since she was still on ANP, but not drinking as much as she should be.

When we got to the ER they ran a full panel of blood, checked out her pupils, and did a CT Scan to make sure there was no inter cranial pressure.  The CT Scan came back perfect, I happened to have a cd in my purse so they could compare to the last one we had done.  And her blood panel came back normal except the white blood cell count was a little off.  So they ruled that she must be fighting something viral.  Ugh!!!

Doctor ordered some phernergan (nausea medication) which knocked her out, she was slurring and passed out fast.  Then they gave her 1000ml of fluids and sent us home.
Our baby was out!!!

She still had nausea on her way home, but she is now sleeping like a baby.  We have decided that we will take her off treatment till tomorrow to allow her body to rest and have a good night sleep for once in a long time.  We know that being off can also cause nausea, but at this time we feel that letting her rest is what her body needs.

We pray that she soon finds relief, because we hate to see her suffer like this.  Please keep her in your prayers!!!

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