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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

January 22, 2013

Well, Kass did great during the actual MRI.  She took a phenergan about an hour before the scan and she felt pretty good throughout the whole test; she slept thru it.  After the test she wanted to come home and eat, which is always a great sign and especially when she doesn't throw it up.

So I woke up today feeling a nice sweet calm, it was sure a welcomed feeling.  I believe God was telling me it was going to be allright.  Waiting for MRI results never gives us a warm fuzzy feeling.  So much is riding in one sole test. It's crazy!

The MRI came back stable!  Yes!  I'm not gonna lie, with all the symptoms Kassidy has been having lately we were afraid we had growth, but we didn't!!! Praise God!!

As of tomorrow, we got the go ahead to start weaning Kassidy of Bag #1 from 500ml to 400ml, we will again do it little by little as to not cause too much havoc with her system.  Dr. Burzynski wants her to only go down to 400ml and then wait 6 to 8 weeks and do another MRI to make sure that the tumor has not grown and is stable, then at that time if it's stable we can lower it to 330ml.  He wants to be cautious since last time we tried to wean her tumor grew14%.

Also, he says her new symptoms do not correlate with a stable tumor so he would like us to investigate further with the eye specialist, endocrinologist, etc.  He does say maybe some of the symptoms could be hormone related or even steroid related.

Next scan we will also have a teleconference with Dr. Burzynski so we can discuss how much longer Kassidy will be on ANP.  This is exciting for Kassidy, she had a great day and so did we.

We also found out today that Kass made January student athlete of the month at Centennial High School for bowling and she also made top 16 in the division to go compete individually in a elite state tournament.  How cool is that!  We are so proud of her and her accomplishments.  Our true hero!

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