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Monday, January 28, 2013

January 28, 2013

Centennial 2013 Varsity Girls Bowling

Well, we are at 400 ml on Bag #1.  Yeah! Success! We were able to reach the lower dose in 20 ml increments every day.  Today, is the first day she hasn't felt exactly well, but it's not too bad.  Thank goodness!  We were afraid that it would be harder to wean like last time, but we were glad it wasn't so.

Now we stay on this dose for 6 to 8 weeks till next MRI!  And hoping and praying that she has no growth and then we can go lower.

Kass had a bit of an accident last Wednesday at bowling practice.  As she went to bowl for some odd reason her ball got stuck to her finger and since she was in the momentum she fell very hard on her right knee.  Instead of calling me or coming home she stayed and watched the rest of practice.
When she got home she immediately told me that she had fallen, we looked at her knee and it was already pretty swollen and had a big knot.  We iced it all night off and on and gave her advil before bed.

The next morning, she woke up not being able to walk.  She had hobbled over to Kyle's closet and grabbed his old crutches and was gonna try to go to school.  SMH!!! Her leg was extremely swollen and in so much pain that I called the clinic for their opinion.  It was so early in the morning that they instructed me to go to the ER since they are equipped with everything.  We got to Summerlin hospital after finnagling her leg, crutches, and wheel chair in my little Camry.  It was quite a funny site!

After a morning at the hospital, they did an x-ray which showed no fracture!  YES!  They gave her a schnazy knee brace to immobilize it and asked us to follow up with a pediatric ortho the next day.  When we got home she said she wished she had a catheter, it was really hard for her to keep going from the bathroom to the couch.  That night we opted to take her off treatment since it would allow for her to sleep thru the nite without to have getting up and rest her leg.  She said it was the best rest she's had in awhile.

The Brace!
The orthopedist confirmed no fracture, but could not tell if there was any ligament damage because her knee was still pretty swollen and painful.  He asked us to come back in 2 and half weeks to check again and that he would prefer she stayed off her leg completely for a week.

This bummed Kass completely because Regional Playoffs for bowling start this Tuesday.  It not only bummed Kass, but Ryan and I as well.  The one sport she can do and now cannot take her team to playoffs.  Ugh!  We were all so disappointed.

She has not gone to school and has stayed off her leg pretty much all weekend long.  Her leg seems to be much better and she has religiously kept icing and taking her anti-inflammatories.  She has been able to walk without crutches since Sunday so we will see about tomorrow.  She would like to try to play!  It's her stubborn genes!! We are hoping and praying she can.  So tomorrow we will be there to either support Bulldog Bowling or watch Kass bowl.

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