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We are very sad to report that there is a young man going door to door in the Las Vegas area representing himself as part of Kassidy's Army. We would NEVER go door to door asking for donations, please call the police or email us at See official fundraisers below!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

July 12, 2011

Everyday I'm amazed at people's generosity.  Our family cannot get over how many have tried to help us in so many ways these last few weeks.  Today Kass & I went to lunch with a young lady named Ana from here in Houston, who we met for the first time.  Ana contacted us about a week ago, she had heard from a friend that we might be needing help.  Without knowing us, she decided she would do a fundraiser for Kassidy.  Her family is from the South Pacific and y'all know they can cook.  So her family and her sold $715.00 worth of plates of food for us.  Amazing! We are deeply touch by their family's kindness.
Ana (a warrior in Kassidy's Army) & Kassidy
Another great picture I received, was this week was picture of my friends daughters who decided to spend a little of their summer time doing a lemonade stand to raise money for Kass.  Bless their hearts!  This picture melts my heart.
Lemonade anyone?

Kass has a good couple of days.  On Saturday night we got a call from the front desk telling us she had received a package.  Long and behold it was a packaged addressed to her from Ron Pope.  Those who do not know who he is, he's one of the singers on Kassidy's playlist that you listen to when you go to her blog.  She absolutely loves his music and especially his song called "A drop in the Ocean".  What a great surprise for her.  She was so happy and has been talking about him non stop.  Thank you Ron, for making our daughter feel special.
Some of the items Ron Pope, the singer sent Kassidy! She loved it.
Then on Monday another package.  This one from my cousin Ari from Salt Lake City.  It was a build a bear bunny all decked out in softball clothing wearing a t-shirt with "Kassidy's Army" on it and on the back "Join the Fight".  She absolutely loved it.  Thank you Ari! Her husband designed these logos that we will use in the future for some more t-shirts to sell.
Thank you Nani, Josimar & Big G.

On Sunday we were feeling a bit of cabin fever.  So Kass & I made the trek down to Galveston with the Olmos family.  We went to Moody Gardens Aquarium and then to dinner.  We had a great time and it was so nice to do something different for a change.
Shark Cage

Posing with Migdalia Olmos
Posing with Javier Olmos
I'm happy to report that Kassidy has not had headaches at all for the last 5 days. Yes!  She's been doing really well with the increase of her dose everyday.  The only differences I've noticed is she's drinking a lot more water.  The medicine contains a lot of sodium and the side effect is extreme thirst.  She has been experiencing interrupted sleep because she has to get up so many times a night to got to the bathroom.  I bet this will make for a fun way home.
The doctor had me start her on 2mg of decadron (steroid) twice a day on Sunday since she also has been experiencing a bit more nausea.  They feel that if the tumor is breaking down it will cause some swelling in the brain.  We want to avoid this so she doesn't have ill effects like seizures, extreme vomiting and headaches from the swelling.  I had been holding off because with decadron unfortunately come other side effects as well.  It's like we have to take the good with the bad, but we will watch these closely and I will hunt for maybe something more natural as a anti-inflammatory.

The great news is that we get to come home either tomorrow or Thursday morning!  We are so excited!!!!  Tonight Ryan flies into Houston so he can help us pack up and drive us home.  Kass cannot wait to be in her own bed and get to play with her bunny Lala and her parakeet Max.  Not looking forward to the long drive, but we will survive.

We have had such a great response from the GARAGE SALE that it's gotten so big with donations that it had to be moved to Centennial High School parking lot.  The sale will include a CAR WASH and even BAKE SALE as well and it will be held July 22-23 from 8am to 3pm.
Those of you that still would like to donate items or volunteer any of those days, please call Vicki Hall at    702-339-8496 or Coach Spencer at 702-622-5801.

On the GOLF TOURNAMENT & AUCTION there are only a couple spots open.  Please help us fill them!!! Email us at and I can send you the application form or contact Sam Myers at 702-696-8535 or Kirk Hartle at 702-526-9321 for more information as well.


Sam Hart said...

If you guys made tshirts I would so buy one!

~BridgetL~ said...

Im so excited to see you guys back home. Safe travels. Hugs :)