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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

July 19, 2011

Two months today and it feels like a year's gone by! But oh how different we feel today compared to that dreaded day.  We can't stress how much we are enjoying just being home and are watching Kass improve a bit and handle treatments better every day. NO headaches since July 6th!

We are currently trying to get organized with a schedule with Kassidy's treatments, blood draws, change of medication bags, and pills.  We start changing her medication bag 3 times a day starting tomorrow because her dose has increased enough that 2 bags don't do the trick and one bag only has 1000ml.  First bags are the hardest to prepare and take us a good 30 minutes, the next 2 other changes take us about 15 minutes.  She usually starts her first dose around 10am the next bag change needs to happen between 3:30 and 6pm and then her last bag change around midnight.  As her dose increases we will be going into 1am in the morning.  It will be like getting up with an infant again.  Ha! But she's sure worth it.  She didn't let us sleep through the night till she was 2 and she will not let me sleep again for the next 2 years.

Sunday was my birthday and we had a great time hanging out together as a family and later on with friends.  We got to be part of a flash freeze mob at Fashion Show Mall with the whole family and friends.  Flash Freeze Mob is a random group of strangers that meet at a random place to strike a pose and freeze for a certain amount of time given a queue and then go on with their day like nothings happened.  A fun way to liven up a public place.  We were invited through a friend and we thought "why not, it will be fun!"
Kass on the left in her frozen pose.
Monday, was kinda an up and down day for Kassidy.  After her first dose in the morning she was not feeling great at all, she said she felt weird.  She layed down in her bed so I decided to stay in bed with her as well until she felt better.  Later that afternoon she decided she wanted to go play tennis with a couple friends.  Feeling a bit apprehensive, Ryan went with her and watched her play and practice.  She did great even with her backpack on her back that carries her meds.  A bit rusty, but all in all did great considering everything she's been through. Today she's a bit sore, but it's probably from not using those muscles in awhile.

We want her to live as normal of life as she can even while going through treatment.  Letting her do things she loves to do is important to us and her.  She absolutely loves sports and is a very active person.  Being home all the time doing nothing, is what she calls "boring".
Kass meeting up with her friends for a little tennis.

I love that face, it's her determination face.

My camelback works well for when she's doing sports.  We will make it work.
 **** Reminder about this week****
Friday & Saturday - Garage Sale, Car Wash, & Bake Sale - Centennial High School

Saturday - Golf Tournament & Auction

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