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Sunday, August 21, 2011

August 21, 2011

No matter how old, they will always be my babies.
On the way to Boise.

Well, we are home from Boise! Nobody ever prepares you for the feeling of emptiness a mother feels when she arrives back at home without one of her children.  Yesterday's goodbye went really well I felt, but when we got home Kyle's absence hit me hard.  Everything around the house reminds me of my boy; I know it will just take time to get used to the idea of him being gone so far away, but we are excited for what the future holds for him.  While we were in Boise we got to meet his new roommate, helped him move into his dorm, watch him gets his team pictures and individual pictures taken for the cross country roster for the Boise State website and watched him run in his first collegiate race in between his own teammates.  We hope the best for him, but we will ALL sure miss him.
Athlete Moving Day!
Boise color spikes issued by the school! They are sponsored by Nike!

At dinner with Kyle's roommate David and his mom.

By the way, those who were wondering, I fit everything we took with us in his dorm room! Ha!

One last family picture before leaving the night before.

Kassidy did much better in the lower dose this past week.  Her symptoms started slowly disappearing as soon as we lowered it back down on Monday, she still had a bit of the chills and had a small headache the day we arrived in Boise, but they improved every day.  We have even noticed that she does not have the hiccups much anymore, which is a symptom of the tumor.  We didn't find a Quest Diagnostic Lab, but we found a LabCorp right in dowtown to take her blood draws to and it was quick and easy which we were so thankful for since we wanted to get Kyle settled in his dorm room that day.  While Kyle went to his first student athlete orientation we decided to go get lunch in downtown Boise, while we were driving back to the hotel to change Kassidy's medication; Ryan sees a music tour bus which Kassidy and I totally missed.  He said that it was some kind of Mayday something band; Kassidy went nuts, she said Mayday Parade is one her all time favorite bands.  Since, we live in the moment these days, I looked up exactly what was going on that night and bought two tickets for Mayday Parade, The Cab and the All Time Low Concert.  Kass and I had a great time that night, they played her favorite songs and we had great seats.  Good day!  We made our trip into a mini vacation for us.

Tomorrow, we have a meeting with the school counselor to figure out Kassidy's class schedule.  She will definitely not be able to go to a full day of classes because she just gets too tired during the day, so we are going to see if she can have a couple classes in the morning and then she can come home and rest and maybe go back for tennis if she feels up to it; kinda like senior class schedule.  We'll see what we come up with.    

Also want to remind you that there are only a couple spots left on the Bulldawopoly game board for those organization or businesses that would love to advertise on it.  We are planning to sell 4000 of these Bulldawgopoly games and it will be a great advertising tool for anybody.  If you have any more questions on the game and how to buy a spot or if you want to put your pre-order one of the games itself, please call coach Spencer at 702-622-5801.                


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