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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

August 30, 2011

First day of school! Always a day to reflect on your children being one year older and one day closer to adulthood. Time really does fly!  It feels like yesterday that Kass was in kindergarden, the years have passed so quickly.

The night before Ryan & I tossed and turned all night long with anticipation for the day. Not knowing how she would do with a whole day of instruction, peers and teachers.  The night dragged on and every few hours either him or I would look at the alarm clock.  When we finally saw 5am we both jumped out of bed ready to take on the day.

We left for school at 6:20am, but not before our picture taking session we always do the first day of school.  It was very different since Kyle is at college and she was not a happy camper with me taking her picture.  She now hates the way her cheeks look from the decadron.  We keep telling her it's a temporary side effect she will have to endure, but it's hard for her high school/teenager to comprehend.
1st day of Junior Year not so happy with my picture taking.

On the first day of HS she had to attend all periods even she has 1st and 2nd open periods in her regular schedule.  This meant I had to prepare her medication and draw her blood at school.  This was a challenge in itself to make sure I didn't forget any of the supplies.  I was fortunate enough to have spoken to the nurse prior and I was able to use her office to do everything.  Kass went to her homeroom and got her instruction and then had her open periods so I was able to get it all done.  Her day went smooth until her student aide period, the teacher who she was suppose to work for told her he didn't need a student aide, that she would have to go back to the counseling office and change it for another placement.  She did and in the craziness of the day, she was given PE aide.  Really!!!! Oh my gosh, when she told me I almost came unglued.  Her student aide period is suppose to be a rest period.....  Anyways, today I was able to rectify the problem.  Mission accomplished.

After she got home from school, she was so tired she slept for 3 hours.  Such a deep sleep that I had a hard time waking her for dinner.  She did not have tennis practice yesterday since the courts are being refinished, I was thankful for that.  Today she did go, but could not hang.  It is just too dang hot in Vegas right now.  Her body cannot handle the heat.  I got her to understand that this may not work until the weather cooperates a bit better.  She decided that she would like to go at least twice a week to support her team.  I'm ok with that decision.

Everyday is a challenge for Kassidy, I'm sure this school year will bring some hard decisions she will have to make on her part, but I'm confident that she will make the right ones.  We cannot wait till we can completely wean off the decadron so she can work on feeling a bit better from the weight gain, joint pain, swollen face, and everything else that comes with the blasphemous drug.

We are just happy to be where we are at and that she can actually attend school.

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