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We are very sad to report that there is a young man going door to door in the Las Vegas area representing himself as part of Kassidy's Army. We would NEVER go door to door asking for donations, please call the police or email us at See official fundraisers below!

Monday, November 14, 2011

November 14, 2011

Blessings - one of the dictionary's definition: God's favor and protection.

We are truly being showered with blessings every day, but sometimes hard to notice them through our frustrations, fear, and craziness of every day.   But Saturday was one of the days when our blessings were plain and clear.  What an amazing day! The 1st Annual Kassidy's Army 5k Run & 1 Mile Family Walk was a complete success.

Earlier in the week we had a grim weather forecast, fear of not enough volunteers to pull this through, and maybe not fulfilling our goal of 200 participants.  But at packet pickup things went well and by Friday night we had well over 200 registrants.  What a great relief!  The day of the race, we ended up having beautiful weather and almost up to 300 participants, and almost 60 volunteers.  Wow!!!

The support and energy was heart felt.  From registration, to opening ceremonies, race/walk, awards and raffle prizes you could feel the positivity in the air.  So fulfilling to see friends, family and friends of friends out all in one place supporting Kass.  It was an overwhelming feeling!  Of course, at opening ceremonies my emotions got the best of me while thanking everyone for taking time out of their busy Saturday to spend it with us.  Thank you, each one of you made it special day for all of us, especially Kassidy.

Hope 4 Lives organization and my friend Robin Hunt (this whole 5krun/1mile walk was her idea) helped us put on a great event.  We cannot wait till next year when we will partner with them again to plan for a bigger and better 2nd Annual Race/Walk. It was also great to have some Childhood Cancer Awareness out there, thank you to Brain Tumor Outreach Program of Southern Nevada and Teens Kicking Cancer for taking the time to come out.  Our goal, is to start getting more awareness out there about childhood cancer.  So underfunded and overlooked.  I believe that I have found my purpose....

Opening Ceremonies
Boys Scouts Troop
Melody Preth sang the National Anthem

Centennial HS Girls Cross Country did the warm up

And they were off! Kass got to blow the blow horn
One of my favorite pics, father and son at the finish line
Wow what a turnout! THANK YOU ALL!!

The day was topped off by Kyles call, when he informed that he had gotten a pr (personal record) on his 10k Run time, a time of 31:59 10k. He was pleased by the way her ran at the NCAA West Regional meet at Stanford University, he helped his XC team earn the fourth best finish in school history.  Wish we could have cloned ourselves to be able to have been there for him.  But he was with us in spirit.  We are so excited to see him this Friday, he gets to come home for Thanksgiving break.  We have missed him dearly.

Kassidy will be officially off steroids for a week tomorrow.  On Wednesday, she ran a small fever and small headache and my heart sank.  I immediately added another natural anti-inflammatory called sangre de drago and set my alarm during the night to check on her fever.  Thursday morning she woke up with no headache or fever. Thank you Lord!  Ever since then she had been doing really well.

Sunday she had another lesson with her bowling coach since bowling tryout are this afternoon and on Tuesday.  We are all crossing our fingers she makes the bowling team at Centennial.  It will be great for her to be able to compete in some kind of sport this year.  I think it will help her morale.

Today, I also got test results on the extra blood test we did on her on Friday.  They ruled out internal bleeding, YES! She's a bit low on iron, so we will add iron pills and I will start cooking some iron rich foods.  Lentils here we come...  Also, her hemoglobin has come up a bit, meaning no transfusion for now.  BLESSED!!

MRI this Wednesday and Gastric Emptying Scan this Thursday, please keep us in your daily prayers...  Anxiety is at it's high this week.

We have also setup a Kassidy's Army facebook page for those of you who would like to keep up with her progress and events there as well.

Here is the link to her page:

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