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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

November 16, 2011

This morning I posted this picture on my facebook not knowing what an important part it would play in today's events.  All of you know that today was MRI day.  Always a anxiety filled day from beginning to end.  Not only because of the fear of the unknown results, but because Kass has to endure being off treatment (which makes her feel weird in her own words) and she has to endure laying still up to 2 hours in the MRI tube (extremely hard for anyone).

This morning at Costco with a friend I got a call from Kass saying she was at the nurse's office and she was not feeling well and was wondering if I could come pick her up.  So my friend Lisa and I hurried thru Costco and flew up to Centennial. While on our way I called the Burzynski Clinic asking what I should do about it her symptoms.  They suggested giving her emergency liquid decadron that's administered thru her port/catheter if she was feeling too bad, that it would help immediately with the inter cranial pressure that she feels when off treatment.  When I got to school she just wanted to go home and lay down, she did not want the decadron. I hate it when she doesn't feel good!  I let her rest a little and fed her some lunch and soon after we were on our way to Steinberg Diagnostics for her MRI.

We got there 10 minutes before our required time.  When I got up to the window to check her in I was informed that the insurance had not approved this MRI. WHAT!!! Then what what the hell were we doing there.  After going back and forth phone calls with the Clinic, Steinberg's insurance department and my insurance I was fed up.  I was mad that they wanted to reschedule Kassidy, I explained to them that she has to be off treatment 4 hours before an MRI and that she does NOT feel well off it and I was not about to do it again to her if it was not needed, that I wanted to just pay for the dang MRI and get on with it; that we would deal with insurance later. Well $2500 later we were in the MRI room.

Since, our appointment got a later start we tried to hurry after to the Fedex office to drop off the MRI cd to be sent to Houston to be read by the clinic.  We got there 5 minutes too late! UGH! Really!  Kass just wanted to go home at that moment, so I dropped her off with Ryan so he could start back up on treatment while I went to the main Fedex office on Cheyenne and Martin Luther King.  I was not a happy camper.  While on the way there, I was on the phone with Ryan to just talk to him about today and was so engrossed in my conversation that I turned on a wrong road.  I was so annoyed because I was still competing against time to meet the other deadline time at the main Fedex office.  I had to make a u-turn and as I did so a car was coming so I had to turn into a business complex and guess who I see.  A Fedex truck!!!!  My heart jumped for joy and I left my car parked half assed and ran and asked this Fedex guy if I could give him this letter to send overnight, he said "absolutely".  All I could do was cry!!!!

What a day!


Elizabeth Engle said...

WOW! That's a crazy day for sure. I am just glad you didn't get in a car accident.

julissa said...

Qué día Masshii! Un abarazo muy grande y ten fé. Nunca dejes caer la fé.

wyodriver said...

What a nice guy.