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We are very sad to report that there is a young man going door to door in the Las Vegas area representing himself as part of Kassidy's Army. We would NEVER go door to door asking for donations, please call the police or email us at See official fundraisers below!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

June 14, 2011

Kassidy started off the day a little rough, after she ate breakfast she was not feeling well at all and threw up everything she ate.  These are the times when we feel helpless and the tumor slaps us in the face.  Cancer Sucks!!!!! There I said it.
Today we heard from UCSF in San Francisco and from Children's Hospital St Louis and both agreed with the doctors here in Vegas that her tumor is inoperable, there would be infinite risks because of the tumor being intrinsic (Contained wholly within the organ).  They also both suggested radiation as method of treatment first.  NOT, the answer we were looking for. We are still waiting on a couple others doctors opinions, but meanwhile Ryan and I have decided we are going to explore the Burzynski Clinic first.  
The Burzynski Clinic seems to make sense to us more and more especially the more we research it. Dr. Burzynski odds seem much better than any doctor we have talked to so far. Today we even received more messages and calls of friends suggesting the clinic to us without even knowing we were looking at it as a choice.  Sincerely, treatment for this type of diagnosis stinks, the only options a patient has is chemo, radiation and maybe surgery.  All with very high risks and giving the problem a dirty bandaid.
So the fundraising begins to take Kass to this clinic.  Just to start her treament at the Burzynski Clinic,  the cost will be $30,000, this number does not include room & board or even monthly meds or monthly treatment cost.  Yes, it's a lot, but where there's a will there's a way and we will do everything in our power to raise the money we need to take her to the clinic.  So our first step today was to go open a benefit fund account at Wells Fargo in Kassidy's name which account #1815135494 is for those who just want to send donations directly to the bank.  We have friends and family working on a 5k run/walk, auction, Bike Ride in Kass's honor, softball tournament, bracelets, cookbooks, etc All which we appreciate for getting things rolling and can wait to be part of. All those of you that have any ideas and would like to lead a part of Kassidy's army, please email us at  Thanks in advance!

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chelsa (chewy) said...

kassidy you are so strong and are capable of making it through anything. i will be right along side of you holding your hand!! i love more than all the stars in the sky times googleplex and beyond cubed