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We are very sad to report that there is a young man going door to door in the Las Vegas area representing himself as part of Kassidy's Army. We would NEVER go door to door asking for donations, please call the police or email us at See official fundraisers below!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

June 9, 2011

Today was Kyle's last day of high school, wow where has the time gone, Kyle is officially a college student and Kass a junior in high school.  Kass did feel really good today, she went with Ryan to school and returned all her softball equipment and turned in some last minute spanish assignment.  She even drove me around and we did some errands for Kyle's party and came home to work on more research and sending more information.  
She is definitely not so happy with her muscle atrophy so she wants to work on her body a bit.  I'm sure it's hard for someone who barely had anytime at all for anything to go to a sedentary life style to one of a total couch potato.  She is my overachiever and being home all the time is driving her nuts.  So I suggested we start walking every day.  Some kind of exercise might help her, she sure misses sports.
We decided to celebrate today by going out to dinner with the whole family and Kyle's girlfriend, Megan to Geisha's Steakhouse.  We had a great time!  It's been awhile since we have been able to say that. After that Kass wanted to go watch part of her club softball team practice. Good day!
One day at a time........


Angie said...

Did Kass get her neon shirt? We want to make sure she gets noticed too!

chewy (chelsa) said...

cant believe that kyle is graduating that is crazy! seems like yesterday he was wearing heeleys! haha kass were finally juniors!! upper classman! yeahh buddy!! kass dont worry you look gorgeous no matter what!! i got softball this weekend! playing for you bestfriend! got to represent that #11! you give me the strive to achieve greatness out there on that field! i play for you every second i touch that dirt! all for you :) i love you more than all the stars in the sky times googleplex and beyond cubed<3

Anonymous said...

My heart and prayers go out to Kassidy. I believe for a complete and total restoration of her body. Magda Ross informed me of the situation and I took it to the Lord in prayer. He instructed me to fast and pray for her healing. Then He led me to a little booklet about healing by Charles Capps. I have asked Magda to give it to Kassidy to read. I believe that this is the best medicine that can make her whole again. I would also encourage anyone that desires, to join with me in a corporate time of prayer and fasting for Kassidy. I will be doing this on my weekends. I would also like to include the other kids that have a similar situation as Kassidy in our prayer and fasting. The whole chapter of Isaiah 58 is some excellent verses on fasting; I am especially focusing on verses 6-8 of Isaiah 58. May God bless you and your family.