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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

May 20, 2011

Kass and I were woken up early that morning so she could start a series of new MRI, that detailed the spine and neck more closely.  Amazingly, she withstood 5 hours of MRI with only one break and no headphones.  What a trooper!
Immediately after that she was in pre-opt getting ready for surgery.  Our biggest worry at that time is by looking at those last MRI that the tumor was extremely close to the brain stem.  The neuro surgeon explained to us the risks and they were so great.  The brain stem controls everything involuntary in your body like breathing, swallowing, walking etc.  Any of these senses could be severed or damaged with any cut near or on the brain stem.
At the same time one of our high school softball mom had arm bands made with Kassidy #11 made so each girl could play in her honor.  I showed Kass this picture before she went into surgery, it brought a smile to her face.
After surgery she was in extreme pain! Ryan was at Kyle's mile race since he still did not know about Kassidy's surgery.  The waiting room filled with friends and family as the word spread.  When Kass was finally being taken to ICU this wonderful nurse stopped outside the surgery waiting room so Kass could see all of them.  This even brought tears to her eyes.
That evening we saw the article about the Centennial girls playing for Kass in the State Playoffs.  What a wonderful act of kindness.  I know that Kass appreciated it.  It was the first thing she asked me as she came out of anesthesia  "Did we win?"
Here is a link of the article:
Nevada Preps Article

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