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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

May 19, 2011

It all started during softball season, the problems breathing, then the headaches and finally the random vomiting & fatigue.  All this did not keep Kass from trying her hardest and never missing school or practice unless she absolutely had to.  She does not like to make up work or miss practices.
We first started with the lung specialist who diagnosed her with vocal chord dysfunction.  When the headaches started more often we felt they were just part of growing up, but when fatigue and vomiting got in the way of school and sports we knew there was more to the story.
Pediatrician tried, but ended referring us to a gastro doctor which happened to order a head CT scan for a "just in case"scenario.  Well after two weeks of waiting for those results, the scan showed something abnormal in the back of her cerebellum and where the spine connect, but they could not really determine what it was because the scan really didn't focus on that specific part of the brain.  So we were then referred to do an MRI.
The MRI was scheduled very soon after on a Thursday which I had Ryan come with me to make sure Kassidy would be alright.  When the radiologist were done we were asked to take the films immediately to her doctor, no appointment necessary.  My heart sank immediately.  Without hesitation or even waiting in the waiting room we were told bluntly that she had a brain tumor and that he would walk us upstairs to his neuro oncologist colleague.
The neuro oncologist proceeded to tell us that he felt Kassidy should be hospitalized immediately and surgery would be done the next day.  Our world came crashing down! I felt like I was experiencing an out of body experience.  Thank goodness I had asked Ryan to come along, cause I don't think Kass and I would have been able to hear all that by ourselves.  After asking many questions we decided to come home and pack and decide how we were gonna tell Kyle, since he had to run the next day at State.
Needless to say I was a mess and will you guess it who drove me home.  Yes, Kassidy!  She composed herself before we got home knowing we didn't know if we wanted to tell Kyle.  She packed her things and while Kyle went to spaghetti dinner we left for the hospital so we could hospitalize and get her ready for her surgery/biopsy for the next day.


~BridgetL~ said...

I think you have done a great job on the blog.. I love it. What a great way for you/her to have a place to write down any thoughts/feelings u have.

Don said...

I am a cancer survivor and I am most concerned about your experimental treatment. I ask you to, PLEASE, make an appointment at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, in the south part of Houston, and simply ask for a second opinion. M.D. Anderson is the world's best cancer hospital, I received treatment there, and a second opinion would only take a few hours. Please call them.