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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June 1, 2011

Today was suture removal time! Our appointment was at 1:30pm today with the neuro surgeon, so Kass and I decided to grab a quick bite to eat at Panera.  Yum! She was a little nervous for her stitches to come out, with good reason.  She did not feel most of them come out except her very last one which had healed over the stitch itself so the skin had to be broken to remove the last stitch.  She cried a bit on that last bugger.
The neuro surgeon informed us that the results on the biopsy probably will take at least another week for a diagnosis. Ugh, the waiting is so hard! But Kassidy is staying positive and wondering when she will be able to play sports again.  :)
The tumor is rare and had to be sent to Johns Hopkins and Mayo Clinic for further analysis since it's a little more complicated than what the Las Vegas doctors can handle.  Until we get results on the tumor we don't know the recourse of her treatments whether it's chemo, radiation or both combined.  With as fast as she's recovering it's hard for us to remember that this was a major surgery and the neurologist reminded us about that today.
Just going to the doctor wiped her out, she's been sleeping ever since we got home.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, looks sore. Bigger then I thought. I'm so glad you all are positive .. She has great parents who love and care about her very much. She will be ok. I will find out her full name and put it in the Idaho Falls Temple on the prayer list. they pray every hour every day for 2 weeks. Love you guys. your in my prayers also. Aunt Lorna Jean :o)