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We are very sad to report that there is a young man going door to door in the Las Vegas area representing himself as part of Kassidy's Army. We would NEVER go door to door asking for donations, please call the police or email us at See official fundraisers below!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

September 13, 2011

After that rough week we started seeing some signs of improvement in Kass finally by Friday evening, still pretty tired, but more alert by the evening.  By Saturday, she actually stayed up most of the day and went and did a small errand with Ryan.

We've been wanting to do a surprise party for Kass's 16 Birthday in a weekend in September, but after texting some of her girlfriends most of them will be out town the following weekends so Ryan and I had been waiting to see if Kass improved to maybe do something on Sunday since we felt Saturday was too soon for her.  On Friday evening, I texted her friend Ashlee to see if she would mind taking her out of the house for a movie and maybe ice cream to get her out of the house; she thought that was great.  Now the problem was, how do we throw a party in less than a day and half.  Well I asked for help from some of her softball friends on sending the info out and my friend Holly and I went into action on Saturday, we bought almost everything we needed.

That same day, I get a call from my friend Sandy's son, Jacob, who Kass has known since she was 2 years old.  He wanted to ask Kass out to Homecoming.  I took Kass with me to Trader Joe's that evening and he decorated her room with balloons and outside her door hung 2 balloons asking her out to Homecoming.  Jacob is a great friend to Kass, by the way she loved the attention and it was great to see her smile.

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On Sunday, we prepared some of the food while Kassidy slept in and just waited for the moment she walked out the door to setup the party stuff.  I am proud to say, that everything came out without a hitch and we couldn't done it without the help of Mia, Chelsa, Ashlee, Savannah, my friend Holly and of course Ryan.  We were a team and just got it done.  By 5:30pm we were ready.  Everyone got there just before 6 and parked outside the culdesac and we waited for Kass to arrive.

Ha, what a great surprise, which by the way was her first ever.  As she walked in from the garage we all waited in silence until she looked up and we all yelled unison "SURPRISE".  She looked up in shock and got so startled that she fell backwards.  Pretty funny!  Mission accomplished!  And the party began.
Startled look as we all yell "Surprise"


That smile is worth a million!

Happy Sweet 16 Kassidy
We want to thank all those who helped us make her day special.  I know it was very last minute, but the turnout was amazing.  Kassidy has some great friends that love her.  We thank God for that!

Kass's girlfriends!

On Monday, her actual Birthday she decided she wanted to try going to school.  By her 3rd period I received a text from her saying that she was just too tired and her stomach hurt again.  I immediately went to get her from school.  :( She came home and slept from 11:30 to almost 4pm, I had to wake her so she could eat a little something for lunch, but she went right back out.  At 4pm she woke up and said she felt better and wanted to go to Cheesecake Factory for her birthday dinner.  We met Ryan there and he surprised her with a new guitar that one of her friends bought for her, she was elated!
Thanks Jim Grant for the new guitar for Kass!

Kass after opening our gift, tickets to Never Shout Never Concert in a private booth.

After dinner her and I headed to Mandalay Bay to see Lion King play & musical with some friends.  On the way there I kept telling her if she did not feel well we could just go another day.  She insisted on going and since we would be sitting I felt it was not going to affect her much.  During the show her pump went off (beeping). Ugh!  After the intermission I noticed she was getting so tired, I told her we would leave before the crowds which I'm glad we did.  Cause on the way out she was having a hard time walking and not really making sense.  I could not get her to the car fast enough.

Needless to say Ryan and I called the doctor, they told me to take her off treatment till at least tomorrow and draw her blood early so they can get STAT results and see what's going on.  Also to make sure she drinks water all night.  So we set out alarm for every hour on the hour last night and Ryan and I would take turns making sure she was ok and she was drinking.  So today she will not go to school and we wait to see what the clinic in Houston says.

Also yesterday, I made an appointment with a gastro doctor to see if we can narrow down her stomach problems, but of course the earliest appointment is the 29 of September.  Really!  I would like Kass just to feel functional.  We also emailed her counselor at school to see what are other options are for her for school since what we are doing now is just not working out.  But to tell you the truth I could care less about school right now, I just want my baby to feel better.

I hope she knows that yesterday we celebrated HER.  She really teaches us everyday what strength and courage really is.  My Kassidy is an inspiration to us and many.  She battles this damn cancer every day and she will win.

HAPPY 16TH BIRTHDAY KASSIDY!  Your Dad and I love you more than you know.  You are one of our best gifts.


A Beautiful Mess said...

My daughter started Faith this Fall - she is an incoming 6th grader. One of her first assignments was to do a report on a local piece of news. She has chosen Kassidy as her topic and is doing a presentation on the information you have left on your blog as well as providing info on how others can help your family. Please know how much you ALL have inspired my daughter, my family to 'keep the faith and believe in miracles". Hailey wears her armband to school every day and tries to do something positive and uplifting for others each day at school in honor of Kassidy's courage and strength. You have affected us all Miss. K. Thank you for being such a strong and wonderful woman.

ryanandmass said...

Thank you Miss K for sharing Kassidy's story, we appreciate you and your daughter. We hope to meet you someday!

Swiss Army Wife said...

Praying for you all.