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Thursday, September 8, 2011

September 8, 2011

Well, I guess I spoke to soon! Kass was home all day not feeling well at all again.  :(  She had done so well on Tuesday and even had some good energy in the evening. Ugh!

Yesterday, we took her back up to her full dose which she had been previously on before she got sick last week.  That day at school went pretty well with a little bit of tiredness, but no other symptoms.  After school she wanted to go support her tennis team and go watch them play their first match, so she rode the bus with the team and sat to watch.  I met her there to change her medications bags around 3pm, but when I got there she was feeling weird, I had to aid her with her walking, she was having a hard time enunciating her words and did not look well.  We decided to go into the club house for some rest in the cool air condition and change her medication.  She felt better after and she watched a bit of her teammates, but we left soon after.  In the evening, she started feeling a bit worse and fatigue started settling in dhard.  She didn't even get to do her homework that night.
Kass with Coach Melodie. She was watching her teammates play their 1st match.
After she got home from watching tennis she was wiped, she feel asleep sitting up.

This morning she woke up and was extremely tired, stomach ache and looked so pale we decided she should stay home.  She layed on the couch all day sleeping.  Her doctor instructed me to lower her dose back down and try that.  We now pray, pray, pray and wait to see if that helps.

We are just so sad that she's had such a hard time already with the first two weeks of school.  She really wanted to try to go to school, but now we are not so sure how all this is going to work.  My heart breaks for her because I feel all the things she loves to do are slowly being taken away from her.  Watching our baby suffering and not being able to really do anything is one of the hardest thing we've have to do as parents.

Please, please pray for our little girl!


Anonymous said...

I feel horrible... i've been so hung up on my own struggles that I forgot to pray for Kass today at a prayer groip i attend... wil run for her on sunday though... hang in there Kass ... C Rettally

Angie said...

One of the things they forgot to tell us when we had children was when they are hurting, our heart hurts too. I have had to see a couple of my kids go through struggles that made my heart hurt for them. Your hurting heart is something I can't imagine and knowing you and your family are dealing with this makes me grateful for what I do have. I am so sorry you were the ones selected for this ordeal but I know the Lord will see you through it. My prayers are with all of you. We miss Kass at Xtreme practice.
Love, Angie Langston

Ginny said...

I've checked the blog alot and am remembering you in my prayers. I hope Kass is able to get back to all the things she loves to do and I hope it happens quickly. I just wanted you to know I was thinking about you and praying for you all.
Ginny Eckman