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Monday, September 26, 2011

September 26, 2011

We have been back and forth and back and forth of what to do for Kassidy's schooling situation.  It has been very difficult to decide what the right thing to do is.  We have seen some signs of improvements in her lately, but  she had said before she wanted to stay home and do AISHS (a type of home school program) at home, but only if she was able to be part of sports at her home school.  Unfortunately, with AISHS, this is not possible because the students on this program are not classified half time students.  Ugh!

Ryan took half day off on Thursday to be able to make calls and talk to the right people for answers so we could all make a decision.  Kass counselor suggested she drop 2 classes and only have 4 and since Centennial is on block scheduling she would only have to go to 2 classes per day which would only be 3 hours a day and this way she would qualify to participate in sports.  The other option would have been virtual high school and for that she would have to login during certain hours just like school at home.  So we all decided we would try one more shot at her being at school for a very short amount of time and see how it goes.  Hopefully this works, and if it doesn't we go to plan C, whatever that might be...... We hope being with her peers will help her be motivated, we were afraid if she stayed home it would be easier to depression to set in.  So we will give it a try.

On Friday she rested pretty much all day so she could be attend the Homecoming football game with her friends.  She did really good and was able to hang for most of it.  The next day again I made her rest so she would be able to enjoy the Homecoming activities.  I was able to find a dress that would work, but I had to have my friend Renee do her little magic to it so the dress would cover her port and make a hole in the back for her tubing to go through.  (Thank you Renee) The dress was black and we decided we would add a little red for color.  She looked beautiful in it!  Not exactly the dress she would have picked, but she put it on which was half the battle.
Thank You Marilyn for the beautiful do!

The night went without a hitch, pictures at Desert Shores, dance, limo ride, dinner at Margaritaville and dessert at Prime at the Bellagio overlooking the fountains.  She lasted all night and all the kids swore to me they would watch for signs of tiredness and call me if I needed to come pick her up.  I was a little nervous since I was flying solo that night since Ryan was in Boise watching Kyle run the Bob Firman Invitational & getting in some Boise football.
Kass in a dress, only seen maybe once a year! LOL
Kass & Jake
Pretty girls!

She came home that night with a big smile on her face and that's all that mattered.  Thank you Jacob for taking our baby girl, you are truly an amazing young man.  Also, thank you to Don for all the amazing pictures.  Your a great photographer!

Unfortunately, Sunday ended up being a sad day.  Kassidy found her pet parakeet, Max, dead in his cage.  Max has been with our family for almost 10 years.  All of you know Kass is an animal lover and if it was for her she would have every animal under the sun.  RIP Max! You will be missed.
Kass & Max

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