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Thursday, September 22, 2011

September 22, 2011

On Tuesday we finally were able to see the gastro doctor.  I was a little nervous walking into the office, since we hadn't been back since the dreaded day, May 19, 2011.  At this doctor's office was were we were told Kass possibly had cancer and that she had a brain tumor; the day our world came crashing down.

We saw a new doctor which was very nice and he ordered a couple of tests to check Kassidy's gall bladder and liver; he also wanted to make sure she still doesn't have a stomach virus or has celiac disease (gluten intolerant).  We hope to have the tests results by next week.  He also gave us a stronger stomach protectant for her to take with her pills; she does take something like 35 pills a day which could be also irritating her stomach and pro-biotics to help with digestion.  We are hoping the fix is that simple and we do not have to do an endoscopy.

We also have finally able to help her rash around her port.  She's developed an allergy to the tape of the tegaderm that protects the area.  Our friend Robert came over and showed a couple tricks to do while cleaning the area and a new product to use that allows the area to breathe a little more.
This was the rash before, now it's so much better!  Ouchie.

Kass has been feeling much better than what she has been, we are so thankful for that.  We are starting to see glimpses of our little girl back at times; we cherish those moments.  Today, she felt so good after her chiropractic appointment she wanted to try a shot at taking her driver's test.  Well, she PASSED! Ha!
Our baby girl passed her driver's test, great job Kass!

After the appointment she drove me to school to pick up some things from coach Spencer, and oh man I'm just not ready yet to give her the keys and say go for it!  She will have to practice a little more for my own comfort level.

Tonight she also wanted to just stop by her travel team softball practice.  It's been so long since she has felt good enough to go support them and watch them.  She was able to help coach Jeff with a couple drills, she tried at hitting the ball, but with the backpack on and the port, it hurts to swing.  But what  a great night to see her smile from ear to ear taking part of what she loves the most, softball.
Kass at team Xtreme practice!

Today was a GOOD day!

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Laura said...

Well done Kassidy on passing your test! Really great to see you feeling good. I'm on antineoplastons too, your Dad has been in touch with us. Have been following your blog all the time.
Keep well, keep smiling, we are sending positive thoughts and prayers to you :-)

Laura, Ben & little Jacob Hymas