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Friday, September 2, 2011

September 2, 2011

I'm angry at Cancer! How dare it decide to take home in my baby girl's head and become a ticking time bomb in one of the most crucial parts of her body. Not one person deserves to go through this especially children.  Cancer sucks!

Yesterday morning Kass came to me with a very bad stomach ache, she said that she's been kinda having flu like symptoms since last Wednesday which she thought were just from the juices she'd been drinking or heat and it had come and gone since then. At first I thought it might be caused by the new natural supplements, but she had started the supplements on Friday and her symptoms had started on Wednesday.  So I decided to let her stay home from school and rest.  As the day went on her symptoms worsen, more trips to the bathroom, worse stomach pain, fatigue, nausea.... So I gave her the medicine she has for nausea and some flu medicine to help with the stomach

Marilyn, from the Burzynski Clinic called and told me to stop her treatment infusions and start giving her water with electrolytes and watch her and if I felt her symptoms worsened to take her into the doctor.  I spoke to Kass after that and she was feeling a bit better and that she wanted to take advantage of some sleep since she was off treatment and would not need to get up and go to the bathroom so many times.

After dinner, she ate fine, but then nausea set in and she started looking really pale and started throwing up.  She became so weak that my 5'1" body could not help pick up her weak 5'7" body of the floor of the bathroom.  Thank goodness Ryan was home and we decided it was time to go the ER.

At the ER she threw up so much she completely emptied the contents of her stomach and could not walk without assistance.  Her body was now dehydrated and just needed fluids.  Since she had been sleeping so well off treatment she didn't want to wake up in the afternoon to drink water.  So at the ER she was given fluids through her catheter, blood & urine tests were done as well as a cat scan of her brain.  Test showed a bit of dehydration, no inflammation on the brain and her labs were ok.  It came down to a case of the dang viral flu bug!!
Our baby girl!

After another 7 hours in the ER and we are home at 3am in the morning.  We are exhausted!  Please pray for our little girl that she starts feeling better so we can put her back on her treatment and continue her road to recovery.


Allison Mikaelian said...

I'm so sorry for this bump in the road. Praying you will be feeling back to your old self in no time. Good thing you have the extended weekend to rest.

May God Bless,

Mary Smith said...

Praying for God Mercy and Grace. He will deliver Kass from this horrible disease. He will make her body holly again, even if you see this bump in the road to recovery don't fear because our Jesus is with you and your family. He knows that is pain and suffering right now and your reward is coming - VICTORY.


Mary Smith

ryanandmass said...

Thanks Allison & Mary!